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BCV - Bravery Courage and Valour.
Decorations and Awards of the Third Reich.

**Even today in 2022 this book remains unchallenged as the leading reference on its subjects, with color images, many actual size of such rarities as….The Spanish Cross in Gold with Swords & Brilliants; The Iron Cross 1939 Series; Grand Cross of the Iron Cross & its precious stones & diamond studded Presentation Document; The supreme Golden Oakleaves,Swords & Brilliants; The Oakleaves,Swords & Brilliants & its Diamond studded Presentation Document; The Oakleaves & Swords with its Gilt metal mounted Presentation Document; The Oakleaves with its massive gilt Eagle mounted Presentation Document etc

*1st Edition Limited Edition was in 2008
Author signed 350 numbered copies complete with Bookplate.

*Published retail price in 2008 = £65.00/$100us + p/p.
PRICE = £39.95 + £6 p/p in UK only.

Bravery, Courage and Valour examines facts & nuances of the highest decorations awarded from Spanish Civil War through to 1945 by Hitler during Third Reich! Many unpublished wartime & modern images enhance the readers appreciation of such extremely rare foremost awards bestowed on National Heroes during the war, Germany's "Bravest of the Brave" !

The inclusion of wartime images & rare colour portraits of Heroes by Hitler's personal Photographer (Walter Frentz) gives a feeling of the period.

An Academic reference work presented in a readable style for both connoisseurs, historians, collectors and the general public alike.

Details: Heroes illustrated wartime stories. Awards history, Lists of Holders, Makers marks and Variants with many Obverse & Reverse images. Brilliants awards images enlarged to appreciate the beautiful & exquisite designs in detail along with images of superb massive Brilliants encrusted Cassettes & Gold Titled Vellum Documents created by a handful of Master Craftsmen & women, most being Works of Art in their own right!

*1st Edition Limited Edition Author signed 350 numbered copies complete with Bookplate. ***ONLY A HANDFUL LEFT IN UK STOCK!

420pp. Over 1,000 images. Size: 12"in x 10"in. (DINA4). Sewn-in archival superior quality paper pages combined with superb deluxe laminated hardback colour covers give the book an extended lifetime of durability. Large size text print.

*350 Limited Edition copies; not 500 copies as with some Newer Forman Titles

*ACTUAL BO0K PRICE is only = £39.95 Sterling. ****23% PRICE DISCOUNT***
*Shipping still at my cost to Europe & Worldwide, due to massive size of book !

(ISBN: 9523571-5-1)

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BCV - Bravery Courage and Valour.
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