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Otto Gottstein & the Golden Age of the Zinnfiguren.

Originating in Germany during the 18th century Zinnfiguren are highly detailed representations of soldiers and historical figures, often known in the UK as 'Flat' figures or 'Flats'. These figures are usually 30mm high, wafer thin, cast in high relief on both sides with a flat base and displayed either in a cabinet or as part of a small scene or historical diorama.

This work covers the German Zinnfiguren as both a new art form and as a visual educational aide to the History of the World as originally conceived by impresario and connoisseur Otto Gottstein and such luminaries as the colourful actor and dramatist Petrocochino

I hope that whether you are a lover of Art and Design for its own sake, a Zinnfigure collector, a student of history or just a general reader with a thirst for knowledge, you will at the very least, enjoy turning the many pages full of lavish colour illustrations of historical costumed figures and creative designs which inspired the author.

  • A handful of Masterpieces from Otto Gottstein's personal flat figure collection, lost since 1951 and now illustrated for the first time together with previously unknown Gottstein archive material acquired by the author.
  • Together with cameo portraits on Otto Gottstein the man and his circle in England between 1933 & 1948 including William Carman English designer & artist, with his personal archive and material from Ludwig Madlener the foremost master designer in Germany, with archive material; Plus brief profiles of other artisan and collectors in England and Europe that were either associated to or influenced by Gottstein the man or one of his many projects.
  • BONUS CD - Seen here for the first time - Many colour images of zinnfiguren from important historic collections ; with highlights of the famous Mignot of Paris series, as well as original designs, archive letters, drawings documents and illustrative research material, together with many rarely seen pre war European Society journals, extracts or articles including material from rare pre-war B.S.M.C Bulletins and much more.

- Images of Flats by Rod Johnson, courtesy of the late Jim Woodley ( 1934 - 2010 ) Collection -