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Forman's Guide to German State Orders, Decorations & Awards
1740-1914 (Volume II).

VOLUME II will contain many 100's of Dr K. G. Klietmann Archive b/w Photographic studies of the obverse and reverse of each German State original award acquired by the author in 1996, a brief text with date of Institution, classes, grades & various medal issues, making it the first basic comprehensively illustrated guide in English ever undertaken ... more info ...

Otto Gottstein & the Golden Age of the Zinnfiguren circa 1930 - 1965.

This covers many pages illustrated with 100's of wonderfully colourful and historically accurate flat figures from Ancient Empires through to Napoleon and beyond, including ... more info ...

Bravery Courage and Valour - Volume 2.
Decorations and Awards of the Third Reich.

This last volume continues with the Wartime Bravery Awards and Certificates to members of the Wehrmacht and Reich home-front. Including the Knights Cross 1939; Iron Cross 1939 2nd Classes awarded to Females and members of ... more info ...

Martha Raye & Her Boys in Vietnam.

Martha Raye was an exceptionally brave and compassionate woman, a movie star, a nurse, friend and companion to many young men serving in American Armed Forces in Vietnam. more info ...

Hidden Treasures - The Life of an Unknown Artist
A comprehensive study of an English artist at work, in words and images.

I first discovered this artist after being captivated by a wonderful painting of an old wooden hulled boat moored up amid green reeds. The owner was a friend, who suggested contacting the ... more info ...